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Yorkson parking report blasted by residents

A survey paid for by Langley Township failed to take into account the issue of parking for visitors, residents state.
Ashish Kapoor and Levy Manuel told Langley Township council a survey of the parking problem in their neighbourhood was a waste of taxpayers’ money.

A report that declares there is enough available parking in the Yorkson neighbourhood of Willoughby was called “a waste of taxpayers’ money” by two spokespersons for a resident’s association at the June 23 Langley Township council meeting.

Levy Manuel and Ashish Kapoor were responding to a report by Township transportation engineering manager Paul Cordeiro which said the results of a Township-funded survey “indicate that overall, there is sufficient parking through the community.”

Manuel said the study focused on available parking for residents when it should have concentrated on the issue that concerns most people in Yorkson, a lack of parking spaces for friends and family.

“The primary focus [for us] is visitor parking, not residential,” Manuel said.

Kapoor, a data analyst, said the findings of the Township-funded survey were “basically, not reliable” because the company hired by the Township only spent six hours collecting information; three hours on a weekday and another three hours on a weekend.

As a result, the margin of error is more than 55 per cent, meaning the conclusions of the survey “can’t be trusted,” Kapoor said.

“I think that’s just a waste of taxpayers’ money,” Kapoor said.

Cordeiro defended the survey, saying it shows there is space to accommodate visitors to Yorkson.

“There is parking available on driveways,” Cordeiro said.

“For whatever reason, people are choosing not to use the substantial parking space in their driveways.”

Councillor Bob Long suggested signs that set time limits on street parking might help reduce congestion.

Cordeiro said enforcement would be “onerous” for Township bylaw enforcement staff.

“If we have to go out there and enforce, then so be it,” Long replied.

The idea won majority support.

Councillors voted unanimously to have Township staff meet with Yorkson residents and representatives of the development industry to discuss the signs and other possible measures tio improve parking.

An attempt by Councillor Kim Richter to add a requirement that staff act “immediately” failed to win enough support.

When Richter asked how long the process would take, Ramin Seifi, general manager, Engineering and Community Development, said he expected it would be three to four months.

Seifi said staff are already working on revised road standards for two new neighbourhoods that will likely include wider roads that allow parking on both sides.

The work on the new standards for the Latimer neighbourhood, which covers both sides of 200 Street near 84 and 73A Avenues and the Smith neighbourhood, near 208 Street and 74B Avenue, will likely be finished early next year, Seifi said.

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