A name change won’t solve Liberals’ problems

Maybe it's Christy Clark who needs to join the real world.

Editor: Charlatans are always trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Christy Clark’s BC Liberals are trying to do the same thing by changing their name before the next provincial election.

If my dog was suffering from fleas, I would expect a competent veterinarian to treat the problem. I would certainly not trust my precious pet to someone who told me a chronic case of fleas can be cured by changing the dog’s name.

Clark recently suggested John Cummins, the BC Conservative leader, should “join the real world.” How ironic, coming from her.

If Clark had been the captain of the Titanic when it struck the iceberg, she would have conferred with her high-paid staff and then summoned a painter to change the name of the floundering ship. Which “real world” is she living in?

Lloyd Atkins,




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