Beloved missing dog spotted several times, but still not returned

Tess is 16 and deaf. She’s been missing for several weeks.

Tess is 16 and deaf. She’s been missing for several weeks.

Editor: I’m  asking if you would please print an update on my lost dog. When The Times came out on Aug. 8, seven people said that they had seen her at Porter Park at Five Corners in Murrayville. Only one person had phoned me.

She had been unable to stop and pick her up because she was pregnant, had her own dog in the car, and was afraid to put a strange dog into the car given those factors.

None of the other people even bothered to phone animal control, although they could tell she was unaccompanied by a human and was a senior dog and appeared deaf. At the time, she was with a scruffy looking dark grey or black senior dog.

How is it that two stray dogs in the neighbourhood from Thursday evening until Friday afternoon didn’t merit at the very least a call to animal control?

One man who saw her in his yard has the identical truck to mine. She was there for a long time.

She went and checked out his rabbits. He said she seemed nice, He didn’t call anyone.

Tess is 16 and deaf. She is technically a tri-colour but has grey on her snout, forehead and forelegs, like a blue Merle would. She went missing from her home at 62 Avenue and 248 Street and has been gone for three weeks.

Bloodhounds and searchers have found no trace although there have been several sightings to the south and west of where she went missing.

Each time she surfaces it is very brief and she hasn’t turned up at any of the shelters.

Please be on the lookout for this wonderful old lady. She is very much missed by her son Finnegan and her person (me). She might look as if she knows where she is going but it’s the wrong direction.

She is extremely gentle and doesn’t move fast so would be easy to catch.

If you see her, please call any time night or day 604-338-6903, or better yet, grab her and call — even if you are nervous with strange dogs.

A cellphone pic and call to animal control is better than just observing and ignoring.

Clare Brett