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Busking is good, but professionalism is needed

Letter on busking gets response from someone working in the mall.

Editor: I run one of the businesses in the mall that Bruce Leitch has busked in, and I’m writing this as a reply to his letter in Tuesday’s paper (The Times, July 30).

I have dealt with Leitch on many occasions, mostly positive. He is passionate about his love for music and wanting to share it with people. I also think that he was pretty good, having heard him play in front of one of the businesses many times.

I do not have a problem with busking as a whole, but businesses have a right to present their stores as they see fit.

I was asked by Leitch several times if he could play in front of our establishment. We kindly said no, as the owner of the business had denied it.

He then made a rude comment about the owner when he heard the news. This comment or joke, like his music, was not quite as well-received as he thought it was.

I find it humourous that he took issue with the mall and how they felt that the buskers would attract the wrong type of people, when it could be argued that he is one of those people himself.

I’m not judging myself, but I find his comments rather hypocritical. I also know that he was not allowed in at least one of the establishments, due to his actions and comments toward the staff.

This is not exactly the type of person I would want in front of my business. He also doesn’t realize that many people, whether they are right or wrong, feel that busking is a form of panhandling.

Since he was able to busk in front of one business for quite a long time, it’s hard not to think that this policy is more a reflection on himself rather than busking as a whole. I feel that his thoughts towards the mall’s “lack of vision” shows his lack of accountability.

He should present himself more professionally if he wants to be taken more seriously by businesses and the public.

Name withheld by request