Clear cutting destroys more of South Langley

Property owners disregard neighbours, wildlife as they cut down trees.

Editor: I live in one of the most beautiful parts of South Langley, where we have the luxury of having a substantial amount of trees giving us both clean air and shade. Unfortunately, that has now changed.

The property located on 198 Street was recently sold and the new owners took it upon themselves to decimate the property by clear-cutting a large stand of trees. This not only ruined the property, but changed the neighbourhood forever and displaced the animals that called that stand of trees home.

The residents of the Fernridge area were recently sent questionnaires concerning the future possible development of the Brookswood area, but nothing was mentioned about Fernridge being developed.  It is my understanding, from individuals in my area, that the new property owners did not have any permits to cut down these trees.

Obviously they don’t have any respect for their neighbours, because this was done in the late hours of Friday, Sept. 13 or very early Saturday, Sept. 14. I would like to know what consequences this individual will face, and if he is fined for his actions, how much that fine will be.

Obviously any fines levied are not large enough to deter this disrespectful behaviour, because it has happened in other areas of South Langley as well. If this is allowed to continue, South Langley will eventually look like the area of 192 Street from 16 Avenue to 40 Avenue in Surrey.

That area has also been clear-cut and large cement warehouse operations have sprung up. We know where the animals from that area went. They are dead on the side of the road.

Where has the respect gone from our society? The making of money, be it tax revenue or profit from the selling of the cleared land, is more important than people and their neighbourhoods.

I guess when it is time to elect a new mayor and council, we will have to look for candidates who have ethics — if they even exist any more.

Bev Blake,