Co-worker puts in a good word for HandyDart driver

I have had numerous clients tell me how kind, caring and gentle he is with everyone.

Editor: I would like to respond to the letter from S. Seipp regarding a HandyDart driver.  I was shocked as I read through the description of this encounter, because I couldn’t begin to imagine this driver behaving this way.

I’m a co-worker of this driver and have known him for three years. In that time, even in some stressful situations, I’ve never seen him do or say anything remotely like this. In fact, I have had numerous clients tell me how kind, caring and gentle he is with everyone and how much they enjoy traveling with him.

Perhaps Saip sincerely believes that she understood the situation, but I’m certain that she completely misinterpreted the driver’s words and demeanour, as well as the client’s response.

I’m very sure that what this person thought was smugness was in fact shock and that what this person interpreted as rudeness was actually the driver trying to explain something so the client could avoid possible future inconvenience.

It saddens me deeply that this citizen made assumptions based on a partial conversation which she entered into angrily, without actually trying to understand what was being said or why, and then proceeded to voice them in such a public forum in a clear attempt to ruin the reputation of a kind, gentle man who puts his whole heart into caring for people every day.

I do hope that person will consider this before jumping to conclusions in the future.

A. Bennett,