Coulter Berry dispute is dividing the village of Fort Langley

Editor: I am one of the so-called ‘silent majority’ in Fort Langley who, up until now, have not spoken out publicly in regards to the stalled Coulter Berry building.

I have always been opposed to the building because it goes against the heritage guidelines and creates a troubling precedent for future development in Fort Langley.

I personally would not want to see a main street of three storey buildings in the village.

I believe responsibility for this situation rests on the shoulders of the council, who made a poor decision and will now cost the developer and taxpayers a huge amount of money.

Guidelines are there for a reason and dozens of other projects that went before this one have worked hard to adhere to them. If we think the guidelines need revision or are too restrictive, then we should go through the proper channels to change them.

One of the most unfortunate results of this situation is the way it has divided the town of Fort Langley.

This saddens me greatly and I have no wish to get into heated arguments with people that have a different point of view than me.

I just feel the need to speak up as I can see that assumptions are being made about those of us who have thus far been silent.

Janice Robertson

Fort Langley