Councillor’s comment raised a red flag

Steve Ferguson

Steve Ferguson

Editor: On  July 23 I attended the 4 p.m. council meeting, eager to see the architects’ preliminary ideas for the Aldergrove pool/recreation centre we so need in eastern Langley.

A remark made by Councillor Steve Ferguson set off an alarm for me, because as well as being a keen supporter of the facilities, I am also a strong opponent of the sale of the Glen Valley forested properties.

A red flag was raised because years ago, in a similar fashion, when the Walnut Grove complex was proposed, the council of the day triggered a “divide and conquer” campaign because of the also proposed and long planned for theatre arts complex.

Things became very bitter, even on personal levels, with accusations that the supporters of the theatre were “elitist” for valuing the arts in Langley. It was very difficult to fight.

Councillor Ferguson said:  “We want to get as much input as possible — positive input.

“I guess we’d accept negative input from people who say we shouldn’t build a pool — or maybe who say Aldergrove doesn’t deserve a pool, or maybe we shouldn’t raise funds to build.”

Since the most public fundraising method mentioned to date is selling the Glen Valley lands, that are close to the Fraser River and marked as priority one environmentally sensitive, I can only assume this is a poke at the people from all over Langley and beyond who oppose the sale — part of which would be used to buy the school site.

If this is so, the “poking” needs to be nipped in the bud right now.

I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t totally support building facilities in Aldergrove.

If this was not Councillor Ferguson’s intent, I apologize fully, freely and publicly now, but such careless use of rather inflammatory innuendos at a public council meeting needs to be addressed by Mayor Froese with council members.  I have seen where such innocent-seeming comments can lead in fostering a distasteful attitude of “them and us” and cannot let it go by without comment.

Hilary Ruffini


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