Doomsday draws closer, but why worry about it?

Most of us are more concerned with other events that will affect us directly.

Editor: Have you read recently that the atomic scientists have moved the hands of the doomsday clock one minute closer to midnight? With all the conjecture of the Mayan calendar ending this year and the hypothesis that this ends human civilization or will herald the rapture, it is wise to consider the state of worldly affairs.

Things in the Middle East seem to go from bad to worse as Iran, allied to Russia, threatens reprisals against the United States if their atomic research is tampered with. North Korea, as well, raises a prospect that might be alarming.

It is reported elsewhere that the U.S. submarine fleet alone has sufficient thermonuclear weapons to totally destroy every major city on Earth, if they so wished.  Russia, of course, has more thermonuclear weapons than America, not to mention the other nations of the world who are also in the nuclear club.

But happily, most of us are more concerned with other events that will affect us: the building of oil pipelines that could rupture on pristine lands; the fear of giant oil tankers in local harbours meeting the same fate as the Exxon Valdez in Alaskan waters; and last, but not least, the future of the economy as we observe the Euro zone apparently sliding into depression.

If there is a distant planet thousands of light years away with a civilization far in advance of our own, they may be observing our little planet supporting life, as well as many others in the cosmos.

I can imagine one of their scientists saying to a partner, “What do you think happened on that tiny planet? I noted tiny flashes over many parts of their globe and then came total silence. No radio waves, no electronic activity, absolutely nothing.”

Fortunately, many believe that we are souls comprised of a substance that cannot be destroyed by death. In whatever format, this is the belief of most of the world’s religions.

Some believe in punishment or rewards. Others believe we carry on in other bodies or in other realms of reality. Having some belief in these threatening days is a bonus.

Have a happy day.

Mike Harvey,