Fort Langley Celebration of the Arts a tribute to local talent

Editor: Congratulations to the Fort Langley “Celebration of the Arts” for perpetuating the love of art and music in Fort Langley.

As director of the Fort Festival for over 25 years I heartily endorse the continuation of all events that bring art and music to the entire community.

Thanks to maestro Ian Hampton and the Langley Community Music School we have enjoyed such renowned artists as Judith Forst, The Purcell Quartet, The Goh Ballet, The Vancouver Wind Trio and many other wonderful performers, too numerous to mention but never forgotten.

The Fort Festival and the Celebration of the Arts are tributes to the excellent artists and musicians we have in our community.

We are so fortunate to have our great hall, the fort and other beautiful venues which add greatly to our enjoyment of the events.

So our thanks also goes to the Fort Langley Community Improvement Society, the Township and all our sponsors for their part in providing these contributions to our cultural environment.

Bays Blackhall

Fort Langley