Full-time jobs are good

Growth of full-time jobs in B.C. is a trend in the right direction.

Editor: It should be obvious to practically everyone that, statistically speaking, one month’s job stats taken in isolation do not make for a trend. In order to spot a trend, one has to look at year over year stats.

And when I look at the year over year job stats for B.C., I see 36,500 full-time positions gained in B.C. since September 2011. These full-time positions replaced 27,800 part-time positions over the same period. That, my friends, is a meaningful trend.

If one goes back a bit further to February of last year, more than 78,800 full-time positions have been gained in B.C., replacing 32,000 part-time positions.

The job trend is therefore very obvious: Full-time positions are replacing part-time positions in significant numbers. The trend also shows that Premier Christy Clark’s efforts to create jobs is working and working very well indeed for B.C.

Naveed Waraich,