Garbage problems in Langley Township multiply

Large item pickup service is poorly-used, and not very effective.

Editor: We have been tormented in Willoughby with dumping of assorted garbage.  As per recent news in The Times, this is now finally being recognized as becoming a huge and varied cost to the Township overall.  What to do now?  We previously suggested installing cameras in strategic areas for this and other crimes occurring here.

How easy is the Township making it for residents to dispose of their garbage?  We have lived here 22 years and are told we are allowed four large items per year to be picked up by Sierra Waste.  When we requested this one and only time to have an awning picked up, we were refused when referred by the Township to Sierra Waste.

When I questioned the logic of paying taxes for large item pickup, the Sierra Waste woman’s flippant response was that  it had nothing to do with us paying taxes.  As I understand the reason for Sierra Waste’s engagement at all is due to its employment by the Township, and payment via its residents.  She told me to get in touch with the Township.

The Township referred me to Debbie Fleming, solid waste co-ordinator. She advised this was not a qualifying item.  I questioned this, and was told only seven per cent of Township residents used this service. This is quite astounding.

With the longevity of appliances and furniture reduced from what used to be 20 years to five years, this figure does not make sense. When I asked what the cost was for this extra pick-up ‘perk’ in this contract, she said there was no tangible dollar amount given.

If the service is underused, the  question would be how can we make better use of it. One way would be to allow a variety of large items to be picked up which would serve a more comprehensive purpose.  At this rate, there is plenty of room to pick up more mattresses and other large articles thrown on the side of the road.  The service should be as essential as any.

Peggy Weatherdon,