Glen Valley forest needs to be preserved

This forest along 84 Avenue is a unique stand of old trees.

Editor: In Glen Valley, the Township of Langley owns 21 acres on 84 Avenue at 254 Street. This is a unique stand of “old growth” forest.

It has recently come to our attention that this valuable natural resource is now for sale by the municipality, in order to realize some profit for the community. Surely this would be most unwise in this day when our woodland areas should be protected for the health and benefit of future generations.

We have been assured that there are many other less important areas that may be sold with far less impact on the whole community.

This forest is a dense wood of century-old evergreens, including Douglas fir and hemlock, with little or no deciduous growth. It would be a great shame to cut down any of these trees for any reason whatsoever and would certainly bring a general outcry if it were made public to the media.

Headlines would say “Langley Township cuts down 100-year-old old growth forest.” Better to  say “Langley Township saves forest ‘giants’.”

We hope the Township will not consider selling this particular property, but retain it for posterity and for its continuing contribution to the environment. These beautiful trees should be part of our heritage inventory.

Bays Blackhall,