Langley Township mayor and council working well together

The mayor and council is working well together and getting the business of the Township done.

Editor: Harvey D. Schultz (The Times, June 21) seems to have missed what the remainder of the Township see — a mayor and council that is working well together and getting the business of the Township done.

There is no petty bickering and no RCMP investigations. I do recall that Schultz was a very strong supporter of former Township mayor Rick Green, and a confirmed member of the Order of the Glass Half Empty gang.

Township council has dealt with all business placed on its table and has conducted numerous public hearings and other meetings, as required by law. The fact that it does not have to meet every week is a strong indication to me and others that council is working.

Mayor Jack Froese and numerous members of council are out and about in the community attending events and public gatherings. With smiles on their faces and no talk of dissension, order and sanity has been restored. Respectful debates still occur in council and decorum is preserved.

Schultz needs to realize that the South Fraser Perimeter Road, Roberts Bank super port and others are regional issues and are mainly controlled by other levels of government. While many of us may oppose the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) for its heavy-handed approach to local planning, council did address this and is continuing to do so.

Schultz can go back through the Township website’s council archives to see that the RGS was adopted under Mayor Green’s term, and with his blessing.

To the writer’s suggestion that Mayor Froese is trying to get work done and is being held up by his council, I don’t see this phenomenon occurring as I attend council meetings. I’ve not seen the writer at very many meetings, save the inaugural.

Could it be that such statements made often by the former mayor with regards to council are still floating around in the form of radio waves?

I can assure Schultz and others that the circus packed up and left this town with the former mayor in November. The majority of Township residents who voted are happy to see it go, and we view the glass as half full.

Joe Zaccaria,