Langley Township salaries over $200,000 should be reduced immediately

Editor: The following is an open letter to the Township of Langley.

This salary nonsense is insanity. I would personally recommend a reduction in salary immediately for any public worker receiving more than $200,000 from the public funds, or else a resignation would have to be in order.

This is the people’s hard-earned money. You cannot tell me a firefighter position should receive more than $100,000 per year, when I haven’t seen a fire in Langley in my entire life. And everyone in this municipality would agree.

It’s all coming from the working man’s pocket, and that means less time with his family, his friends, and with his loved ones.

In my opinion, no public service employee should be receiving more than $100,000 per year.   Public service is just that — service.  It is a noble task and an act of serving the community.  Not taking money from them.

To Mayor Jack Froese: Please make this issue your immediate number one priority — reduce the salaries or let the employees go.

To the people of Langley: Raise your voice and be heard. The younger generation is waking up very angry, because they can barely afford rent and school.

Enough of this feeding at the trough — cut taxes, fire “workers” in the public system, reduce salaries.

Eliminate these “jobs” that are supported by indirect money (i.e. a tax base) — and, therefore, have far less accountability, motivation, and integrity.

Anytime you have people receiving money from a common pool rather than a direct client-to-worker transaction, you will have greed, waste, and   injustice.

The solution? Eliminate the pool. Eliminate as many taxes as possible. People will find real work once they break their addiction from the pool.

Derek Kube,