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LETTER: Churches provide more than services to communities such as Langley

Letter writer reviews all the social help churches offer, for those who argue they should close
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Dear Editor,

[Re: LETTER: Churches could at least close during pandemic,, Dec. 7]

A letter writer states, “ if your church were to catch fire you would call the fire dept. Who pays for the fire dept?”

Among those who pay property taxpayers are the citizens sitting in the pews. They also pay regular tithes and donations to provide succour and services to their community not just to their congregation. Just a few services they provide to the community: food banks, soup kitchens, counselling, day cares, free legal clinics, funerals, holiday dinners, etc. etc.

That’s just a few of the many ways the churches benefit the general community who do not attend church regularly but use their services in times of need, like now.

Cherryl Katnich, Maple Ridge


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