Letter: City council members seem to be confusing Langley with Las Vegas

Editor: In the recent article (the Times, Oct. 19) on the expansion of the casino, it is interesting (to read) the comments made by the councillors, one of whom remarked, “I’m seeing more Vegas here.”

Did it ever occur to these councillors or the mayor that Langley residents may not want Las Vegas in Langley, along with the many other problems that come with such a place?

But, then again, if they increase tax revenue it might ensure them another term, especially if they paint everything like rainbows.

The article is also full of “spelling mistakes.”

There are many references to “gaming,” but the term you are looking for is “gambling.”

I could see why you would make the mistake because they both start with the letter ‘g’ but are actually quite different. Let’s leave Las Vegas where it is.

L. Towns,