LETTER: Clean up properly after your pooch

LETTER: Clean up properly after your pooch

Langleyites might lose their chance for their dog to frolick in the field

Dear Editor,

For all the pet peeves we must endure in life, there is nothing that upsets and angers me more than litterbugs.

The litter that plagues our land, oceans, skies – and more specifically our neighbourhoods.

In my opinion, litterbugs are the scourge of the earth.

If you litter, you are selfish, lazy, entitled, possibly ignorant, and a really lousy ambassador for your community.

Narrowing in on a more specific litter would be the plastic bags of dog excrement that are everywhere.

In our parks, along sidewalks, in ravines, in off-leash parks, and most infuriating – the ones hanging from trees that have been tossed along greenbelts. As if your particular bag of dog excrement is an added ornament to nature.

What the hell is wrong with you people? Why even bag it if you are going to be a disgusting jerk and fling it into the bushes?

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We are lucky enough in the Willoughby/Willowbrook area to have a large hay producing farm field that also doubles as an unofficial dog park.

All the owner has ever asked is that we pick up after ourselves and not leave sticks that can get caught in hay equipment.

While this is not Township owned land and no designated garbage cans are on it, at times there is a large barrel used for garbage alongside the field.

Only mere steps across the street are public garbage cans, in front of the apartments on 68th Avenue, as well as multiple garbage [disposal units] along the greenbelt behind the townhouses on the south side of 68th Avenue.

Being someone who takes my dog to the field daily, I see the amount of discarded cans, cups, bottles, food containers, masks, gloves, cigarette butts, and the ubiquitous bags of dog feces littering the field and the entrance way in front of it.

The pictures I’ve attached are so very indicative of what this area looks like weekly.

Recently, again, I donned rubber gloves and picked up 14 plastic bags of your dog’s feces, which someone couldn’t be bothered to dispose of in a responsible and mature manner.

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Again, I tied a black garbage bag to the post in the hopes that lazy dog owners might at least drop their dog waste into a garbage bag.

Multiple times a month, I call on the Township to send out someone to retrieve the trash and clean up after these people.

We may be on borrowed time until the gracious owner of this field has had enough.

Please everyone, do your part and clean up after your dog.

That means seeing the bag of dog-doo lands in a proper waste bin.

It’s not that difficult.

If you can’t clean up after your dog, maybe you don’t deserve to own one.

Rant over.

M. Lavery, WIllougby

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