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Letter: Continued service between elections makes Pachal ideal candidate, says writer

Editor: We have nine candidates running for one seat on council.

Looking at some of the people running, it appears to me they are just looking for a part time job that pays $36,000 a year.

One exception is Nathan Pachal, who ran in the last City election and lost by a mere 71 votes.

Even after losing the election, he has continued to help his community, serving on the Parks and Environment Committee.

Hearing concerns from the community regarding garbage in the flood plain and Portage Park, he brought the issue to the attention of City Council, which resulted in a cleanup of the area.

When Nathan heard the City received funding to rebuild 203 Street, he reached out to me and other residents in the neighbourhood.

He worked on a plan that would create a safer 203 Street, improving the quality of life for people who live there.

At 32, Nathan is an ambitious, intelligent (senior IT engineer) and young individual who would be a tremendous asset to City Council.

To have someone who continues to advocate for a better community — even when an election is not pending — speaks volumes.

To me, Nathan Pachal is the candidate to vote for in the City byelection on  Feb. 27.

Ray Shaw,

Langley City

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