Letter: Dog waste bags take ‘many, many years’ to biodegrade

Editor: Re: “Poop bags being dumped by the dozen…” (the Times, Nov. 30).

First off, a heartfelt thank you to John Freeman and Heather Diewert for taking it upon themselves to clean up our beautiful park in Brookswood.

I know too well the poop-filled natural ditch that they are referring to.

I, too, have climbed down amongst the trees and ferns when I could no longer stand to walk by daily and see the white poop bags littering the ravine.

This was close to two years ago now, and I collected two large buckets full, bags in the hundreds, and still can’t fathom how someone consciously makes this choice and continues to do so.

To go through the trouble of stooping down to collect up their dogs business but somehow have a complete disconnect to then carelessly toss their bag into the ravine… mind boggling.

I am a dog owner and I, as well as most dog owners I know, wouldn’t dream of not cleaning up after my dog or, worse yet, tossing the bag into the park for someone else to clean up, especially when a garbage can is quite literally just yards away.

I know this is not unique around Langley, but given the pure volume at this location I suspect this individual lives nearby in the community and also “enjoys” this park area.

If this person happens to be reading this, please know that these bags do not biodegrade for many, many years no matter what you’ve heard, and you are truly ruining a beautiful piece of nature that is enjoyed by so many people, including the young children that walk the trails with their teachers for a “nature break” during the day.

Please, think before you toss. And thanks to those who are helping to take care of our community and our natural surrounding so everyone can enjoy it.

C. Horn,