Letter: Government employees are there to serve the people

Editor: I am appalled by the comments made by human resources director Shannon Harvey-Renner (Highest Township salaries defended, The Times, Oct. 30).

For her to think that they are worth over-payment for their positions because they feel that their salaries reflect a high level of skill, education and training that somehow the rest of us don’t seem to have, is baloney.

I didn’t expect them to come out and say, “Yes, we are overpaid and love it and want to keep it that way,” but for her to say that somehow they are smarter  and better educated than the rest of us, thus they get paid more, is nonsense.

It is a known fact, that working for government is lucrative.

What Shannon Harvey-Renner and the rest at the Township fail to remember is that they work for a government, and thus they are there to serve the people.

If they were really in the line of work of serving the people then they would be willing to take a huge salary cut, and be paid a fair salary that we, the residents of Langley, feel they are entitled to.

I believe the mayor and council need to review the compensation packages of these “top-earners” and bring them down to real-world numbers where the rest of the residents of the Township of Langley live.

I, for one, am not willing to pay more municipal taxes to keep these people high-on-the-hog.

Sandra Steffan,