Letter: Grammar point taken

Bill Nicholson, 94, offers some fair comment about a recently published headline in the Times.

Editor: On page 12 of your Nov. 23, 2016 edition is an article with the heading ‘New upgrades will make B.C. campsite reservations more fair.’

In my Collins English Language Dictionary, the word “fair” is followed by the words “fairer” and “fairest.”

Instead of “more fair,” the word “fairer” would seem appropriate.

I often wonder if grammar and composition are taught as separate subjects as they were when I went to school in the 1930s, or if they are taught at all as part of the present day schooling.

However, at 94, I must reconcile myself to the fact that spelling, talking and writing the English language has changed over the years, particularly in this electronic age.

I trust that I have not ruffled any feathers with this letter, but I just wanted to point out what I considered to be a grammatical error.

Bill Nicholson, Langley

Editor’s note: No feathers ruffled. Thank you for the reminder.