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LETTER: In the apparent interests of better service

Pushing buttons, waiting on hold, then pushing more buttons to get help from Township is frustrating
A long row of paper flowers and heart line the walkway to the new entrance at Langley Memorial Hospital. (Roxanne Hooper/Langley Advance Times)

Dear Editor,

In the” interests of better service” the Township of Langley, like so many businesses have incorporated “press a number” for whomsoever you are attempting to reach.

What a fiasco and time wasting operation.

I was trying to reach the bylaw department, as a workman had been seen struggling with a pane of glass and then throwing it into a ditch on the property bordering 56th Avenue and 238th Street – at present being developed.

To me, this was serious, as a pane of broken glass could hurt any person or animal coming into contact with such.

Obeying the instructions, I pressed various numbers only to be advised I needed to fill in the complaints notice regarding bylaw infringements online.

I left a message with a Township of Langley recording somewhere in their system. Then I phoned the Township number itself, only to go through the same rigmarole.

Eventually I got to customer service who put me through to engineering, who they advised would clear the glass – but then this very helpful lady told me that this was really a bylaw matter and would put me through to them - At last, I thought.

But, no.

Bylaws was not answering their phones, even [a transferred call] from another Township department.

The lady in engineering advised me she would make sure someone would come out today to clear the glass and she would make sure a bylaw officer would attend the property.

An hour later – that’s all I ever wanted.

So much for “better service” - whose I ask.

Pamela Gray Omelaniec, Langley

P.S. Many thanks to the bylaw enforcement officer who came out to the property and had the pane of glass removed. Thankfully it had not broken. There are many great employees at the Township, its just the bureaucratic way of reaching them…


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