Submit letters to the editor through our website, via email or in writing.

Submit letters to the editor through our website, via email or in writing.

LETTER: Langley business owner chastises Trudeau for not really caring for average Canadians

A local letter writer points out several instances where he failed to support key people or causes

Open letter to Justin Trudeau,

I am wiring to voice my support of the Canadian taxpayer.

Your proposed carbon tax rate hike is an “in-your-face” affront to all of us little people – the Canadian taxpayers – who have suffered with COVID restrictions while the rich guys just got richer! The big box stores, big tech firms and foreign businesses have been scooping up the dollars while enterprising, ordinary Canadian citizens are going broke.

You have said repeatedly – ad nauseam – that you are here for the little guy – the middle class. But you have just outed yourself! Those were only words to get elected. The middle class little guy may have voted for you before, but now you have shown your true colours and have lost our vote.

But… do you even care? I really don’t think that you do! Otherwise you would get out of bed with China, you would support the persecuted Chinese minorities, you would support Hong Kong and Taiwan’s efforts to secure freedom and you would get our Michaels out of Chinese prison.

Right? You really don’t care. Otherwise you would support our suffering primary industries, you would care about the unity of Canada, and you would follow the rule of law. But you don’t.

You care about how the globalist elites view you and couldn’t care less how your fellow Canadians view you. We are just pawns in your grab for power.

You are above us. We see that now. This carbon tax proves it.

Phyllis Heppner,

your friendly, hard-working, honest, small business owner,



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