A local letter writer wonders when all levels of government are going to make progress on housing. (File)

A local letter writer wonders when all levels of government are going to make progress on housing. (File)

LETTER: Langley City residents concerned about losing home as rental stock dwindles

All levels of government must play a role in creating more housing in this country, writer argues

Dear Editor,

Re: Canadian government announces immigration levels

Where are they going to house them and how much of the stock rentals will be used to house them? Demand-driven housing are driving up the cost for not just rentals but also for homes.

What I see is low income people being driven into substandard-sized apartment suites, and it’s becoming acceptable with every government on all levels.

Is Canada a home where we are becoming ghettos of people living in small enclosures at high costs with no possible escape to what our parents and youth had known in the past with suitable living space?

Affordability and possibility is a relevant part of any society no matter where you live or what country you reside in. Canada has lost both of these humane portions of a well balanced societal ingredients.

Seniors and low-income people are now in a shadow, though talked about. As their plight to survive becomes darker, governments on all levels and I do mean on all levels, must move faster and provide housing that is suitable and affordable and not these coffin-made apartments where you take three steps and touch the walls and your only escape is the door back out into the reality which brought you there.

Soon I may be one of these homeless people with the distinct identity of a senior on a pension who can’t afford to live in this country.

What is the cost?

Cran Campbell, Langley City


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