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LETTER: Langley City senior calls on wealthy, unions, and churches to help solve homelessness

Those owning unused land and all levels of goverment also called to be part of the solution
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Dear Editor,

Letter to mayors and councils across Canada,

Letter to owners of large chunks of land that sits idle,

Letter to unions, businesses, churches and financial institutions and multi-billionaires

This is a call out.

It’s time to donate, and it’s time to walk the walk.

Langley City has a homeless problem, and it is in much need of housing that is subsidized, also rental units that are below-market price for seniors and low-income people. City-owned property is scarce in Langley City, but the problem of social housing is enormous, as we all know.

Seniors and people on low-income and the homeless need support, and it’s time to recognize that all organizations must try to help, not just governments.

Buildings across Canada and in Langley are being demolished and when this happens, the destruction is more than just timber, it is a displacement of people of all ages, with people who are on low-income that could be a family member or a friend or neighbour.

“It’s time to donate a service to this country through you.”

Businesses, unions, churches and organizations, and the wealthy billionaires that have the means to give back to their communities with funding and property, it’s time to think about the communities. It is time to think about the people who are homeless or about to be homeless, it is time to donate back to humanity and to a faith.

Work with the mayors and councils, take one moment out of your life and figure out how you can help. We all see what is going on with the homeless people and people who just live off their Canada pensions who are being weighed down with costs to just survive.

Suitable low-income housing on all levels is much needed in Langley City and across Canada. Land is needed to build these units; money is needed to construct these units. All levels of governments cannot solve this huge problem, but the opportunity for you and you alone that have the ability may have the opportunity to help.

Talk to the mayors and councils, work with them, and if you wonder who I am, I am just one who is trying to put faith back in us.

Homelessness travels many roads, and there are obstructions to overcome. We can overcome.


Cran Campbell, Langley City


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