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LETTER: Langley, it’s vital that you vote after doing homework on the candidates

The election for municipal councils and school boards is Oct. 15
Voters choose new municipal and school board members Oct. 15, 2022. (Dan Ferguson/Langley Advance Times)

Dear Langley Township Voters,

On Oct. 15 we have the privilege of electing the people who will be running the Township for the next four years. I feel that this will be a critical vote for our community. We will decide what council will look like.

I encourage all voters to do their homework before voting.

Does the candidate’s actions match with their words?

Does the candidate appear to have a genuine concern for the community – or their own agenda and interests?

Does the candidate appear humble or arrogant when speaking?

And any other number of questions you may wish to explore. It’s a daunting but necessary task to do our homework this election.

There are still two opportunities to listen to each speak.

Please remember that you may but do not have to mark eight council votes on your ballot. If you are only comfortable with four choices just mark those four boxes on the ballot… or whatever number you choose. No need to place an X just to get to eight.

But most importantly of all – go vote. Have your say in our future.

Grace Muller, Murrayville


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