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Submit letters to the editor through our website, via email or in writing.

LETTER: Langley man asks people to remember the true reason for Christmas

Find new ways to mark the holiday season during the global pandemic, a letter writer suggests

Dear Editor,

A Christmas wish for all.

It is fall, the vibrant rich colours of the season are behind us for another year, and fall continues with rain and some sunshine.

As we move into December the seasons will soon change again. We have winter ahead of us, another season of majestic beauty in a different way. The seasons have good order to them. Fall to renew the ground and winter to allow the dormancy of the ground to prepare for new planting in spring.

Yes, seasons without end, God is great!

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As we approach December, the mind of many immediately focuses on Christmas. It seems to be a season that bridges fall and winter, a season itself.

For some Christmas is a time of gifts and giving, holidays and good memories, for others it is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. For most folk it is a season not to be forgotten.

This year we have been told Christmas will not be a family celebration. It is time to hunker down and do due diligence to all government mandates, mandates that will slow the spread of a serious disease and include changes to daily life that are far beyond what anyone would have imagined for 2020 and perhaps in the time ahead.

How will you celebrate Christmas this year?

If it is gifts and good cheer, we hope you enjoy the season with family and friends if allowed.

If not, please find joy in another way and do not let the government mandates give you a big sense of loss. And so… from us to you… Merry Christmas, may the season be filled with new-found ways of joy, fun and laughter.

Our family, and many others, plan to celebrate the Christmas season in our usual way. Oh yes, it would be nice to share some gifts and good cheer with family and friends!

But our usual way is to remember the birth of our Lord Jesus. Not in a random way, as if his birth is the only thing that matters, but to celebrate that he came to bring freedom to those who believe in him, freedom from the guilt of sin through his death and resurrection.

That celebration is what brings us great comfort and joy, that is our weekly celebration in all circumstances of life, a celebration that no government mandate can restrict and provides peace and security in all of life. May that celebration carry many through Christmas 2020 and throughout 2021!

A blessed Christmas season to all.

Paul Schouten, Murrayville


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