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LETTER: Langley man concerned about recession and inflation

Tough economy will hit the most vulnerable Canadians hard, letter writer says
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Dear Editor,

The saga of inflation, Dungeons and Dragons.

Canadians are locked up in a inflationary cell, and dragons who are big business are the watch-keepers and overseers of the survival dungeons that we are imprisoned within.

The game is afoot. Who will survive?

We have become a living testament of the future here in Canada where the strongest will survive and the many less fortunate will wonder if they will survive.

This has been a testimony of the poor for centuries, and it is written in dialogues of many tongues.

Recession, depression and inflation – man-made words with a human content of suffering and throughout our history of mankind we keep repeating it. Why?

Can we not come to a remedy or will the conclusions that continually repeat themselves, over and over again without learning anything, to stop it, to prevent it, to eradicate it from our living presence ever be accomplished?

Who will write the history of our future if we ourselves cannot determine what lines lay within our destiny? Our beginning and our end is not determined by the segments of entitlement but by the substance that enrich our lives.

The world is in a lesson for their lives and Canadians are in a course where a degree from this education is either in self-preservation or in a dungeon constructed by the living past, repeatedly, repeating itself into the next generations, our children’s lives, and into a living-tongue of the ages yet to come.

Dungeons and dragons has to become equal in its equality, in its ability to afford to live, and it must be written in the presence of our wellbeing. If not, as mentioned throughout the ages, our age becomes nothing more then the problems of the future living from the past, repeatedly repeating itself and unable to escape from something more then suffering.

Cran Campbell, Langley City


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