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LETTER: Langley man wants world to provide more support to Ukraine

More armaments, particularly aircraft, would help Ukraine defend itself, letter writer says
The residents of a house and their neighbours clear the rubble from a home that was destroyed by a Russian rocket in Maxymilianivka village, Ukraine, Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023. Ukrainians woke up to their second year of war this morning, as the military continued to beat back invading Russian forces in the southeastern region of the country. (Evgeniy Maloletka/The Canadian Press/AP)

Dear Editor,

Ukraine must rule the sky,

Ok, I give up.

Is this what the democratic world is waiting for Ukraine to say?

Russia is demolishing Ukraine with their military aircraft, destroying cities, killing human lives and the world is in meditation if they should supply Ukraine with military aircraft so they can defend themselves?

I see the photos and videos in the news broadcasts where total devastation is raining upon Ukraine’s cities, and hear about their Ukrainian soldiers dying in the battered fields defending their nation, being killed by the flights of Russia’s military aircraft, and we are wondering should we send Ukraine advanced up-to-date protection from the sky so they can protect themselves and their country?

Cities have been flattened by just not artillery or boots on the ground, but by bombs spiralling down, raining death from above. And the world contemplates, hesitates on supporting and supplying aircraft to Ukraine?

If NATO wants Ukraine to defend itself with the necessary modern weaponry then aircraft is the number one item that should be on their list. Aircraft is an aerial support group, wings from above that not only protect the grunts on the ground, but they are an eagle in the sky that can spot targets where the enemy is manoeuvering and knock out the enemies plight from above. Combat aircraft in any armed forces must reign over the skies in a war and defeat the enemy in the skies till they hold that air as their own.

Ukraine wants to win this devastating war against their people and their homeland that means they have to have the might to do so. Aircraft is might. Ukrainians have the sovereignty right to win this war and they possess the will to do so. NATO must give them the means to win the skies over Ukraine and the earth beneath their wings.

Aircraft, advanced aircraft, and the training and support are needed now. NATO must fly faster because lives and Ukrainian blood bleeds within the foxholes and bombed out trenches, and in their cities their paths of light are disappearing from the billowing smoke, but their will is strong.

Ukraine is strong.

Cran Campbell, Langley City


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