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LETTER: Langley renter calls for permit parking

Homeowners often won’t provide parking space for renters and occupy street spots as well, writer said
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Dear Editor,

It’s becoming more difficult to find parking as a renter.

With the current bylaws and owners not allowing off-street parking, all while parking their own vehicles on the cul de sac, it makes it all but impossible for renters to expect being somewhat close to our own homes.

I put forward that parking on culs de sac be by permit only, and only for licence plate numbers of renters, not homeowners.

These homes generally have two car garages and four spaces for the owners themselves. Hence the need for regulations to help renters like myself.

I’ve experienced homeowners claim that I’m parking in “their” space only to inform them the streets are public space.

If I wanted to park my car on 196B Street but live on 208th, I could. It would be ridiculous but to make the point to the uninformed… it stops them from making the statement again. But it doesn’t dampen their anger directed at someone who is simply trying to park within a reasonable distance from their front door.

Langley has allowed for basement suites in every new home.

It’s time to allow the renters a place to park.

Whether it be enforced off street parking or my suggestion of permits for renters only.

We are sometimes made to feel like second-class citizens even while helping to pay the owners’ mortgages.

Culs de sac only allow for parking on one side of the street making it even more important to keep owners’ vehicles off of these streets so we can expect to walk a short distance to our homes as well.

We pay taxes, we pay rent, we pay all the same bills yet we sometimes face unprovoked attacks and unreasonable, incorrect ideas from homeowners.

We can all expect something as simple as a short walk home.

Roger Potter, Langley Township


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