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LETTER: Langley senior concerned about Putin’s real aims in attacking Ukraine

Canada and others need to stop business dealings with Russia and its supporters, letter writer says
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Dear Editor,

Ukraine and Russia are at war while certain countries in the world are not taking sides to condemn the action Russia has taken.

Let there be no question Russia has moved on Ukraine without provocation with intent also to cause casualties against the civilians of Ukraine. Missiles are being targeted into civilian populated areas and Putin has his finger on the trigger guiding them with his act of war.

Putin has used a tactic as what Hitler did in the Second World War to justify his actions, and he must think the world is stupid not to see through it and recognize insanity is part of his DNA.

The countries that sit idly by because they may have economic ties with Russia, who sit silently not condemning the actions that Putin has taken, I would suggest we as Canadians stop at this moment from purchasing any of their domestic products or travelling to their countries.

Canada has moved against Putin as well as other countries, but why should we, as Canadians, who shop, travel and spend our money support any of these other countries who cannot recognize right from wrong, and who cannot take a moral stand against Putin and Russia. War against war can have many avenues and the pocketbook is one of them.

Condemnation of Putin’s action against Ukraine and its people is an absolute action that we must support. War has no imagination, it repeats itself in one message over and over again – Death, Destruction and the grave stupidity of it all.

The world comes to either to its beginning or to its end, what Russia and Putin has done is the beginning of their end.

Cran Campbell, Langley City


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