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LETTER: Langley walk made scary by discarded needles

A local resident is concerned about drug paraphernalia hurting children and pets
Discarded needles can be found in various spots in the local community. (Roxanne Hooper/Langley Advance Times)

Dear Editor,

Please be careful.

As I was walking down a nature trail on Saturday, 13 June 2020 in Langley City I saw about ten (10) needles just sitting on the path.

I carefully picked them up (had gloves on) and put them in the garbage.

After we had our institutions for the mentally challenged done away with, it is hard to tell the mentally challenged from the rest of the street people. I, for one, do not understand why ordinary people have to pick up these needles as no one else will.

A lot of street people are not the most pleasant to be around and if the police protect themselves and use what is seen as too much force, it is now police brutality.

As a country, we should all have a lot of national pride and if we did we could accomplish more good than we could imagine.

It is hard to have pride though when we see people endanger the lives of many more Canadians including children and pets.

Bill Taylor, Langley City