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Letter: Piling snow in wheelchair parking spaces is a ‘careless and unthinking’ practice

Editor: The last two months have been very trying for those of us with disabilities, as most of us have not been able to get out of our homes.

I pride myself as being very independent. I am in a power chair and have an adapted vehicle and do most things for myself.

I was house-bound for many days.

On the few days between storms, I jumped into my vehicle to make up for all the things I had to cancel on the bad days.

You can imagine my surprise when I got to the parking lots of the various businesses I went to and discovered that the wheelchair spaces and ramps were covered in piles of snow.

When I spoke to the owners of the businesses they said that they had complained to the management of the malls and they refused to do anything.

It is hard enough for us to cope without the additional challenges dealing with the results of careless and unthinking snow removal services.

I believe that both the City and the Township should institute fines for those who cause these challenges.

Zosia Ettenberg,