Letter: Political correctness taken too far

Editor: I can appreciate good intentions and political correctness as much as the next person, but sometimes it all goes a little too far.

RE: $50,000 price tag for a rainbow crosswalk in Fort Langley (the Times, Sept. 16), I don’t make it my business what consenting adults do behind closed doors, but nor do I want said door thrown open in my face to make it mine.

So here are the reasons why I am not in support of either a crosswalk or a flag.

First of all, Elaine Brewer-White came up with her idea to commemorate the victims of the Orlando massacre. I personally see no connection to here, any of the  Langleys or even Canada since there were no Canadian-born victims that I know of.

And even though I can appreciate their sacrifice, I don’t choose to memorialize that tragedy any more than Oklahoma City or 9/11 either.

Next, Fort Langley is a town rife with old-world charm and this overly colourful fashion statement might be just a bit too loud for that community. It could even negatively affect real estate values.

Positively, too, I suppose.

But my biggest objection is the cost. And of the ongoing costs of vandalism as this will become a perfect target for that faster than the fibreglass horses were a few years back.

So I see no end to the ongoing costs to taxpayers there either. Many also find this entire subject matter offensive. Most are just too polite to say.

But with our federal government issuing billions in initiative missives with 70 cent dollars we don’t even have, not to mention a tax base strong enough to support it with minimum wage jobs, it would be one of the most frivolous expenditures in recent memory.

We have the most ridiculous rent and real estate costs in the country. The lowest discretionary income. The most homeless and disabled per-capita.

Dirty needles being left on the street all over.

And, as a person living on a disability myself, $50,000 is four times what I make in a year.

So I suggest she go to Orlando city council and paint her crosswalk down there, where it belongs.

And when it comes to flying some rainbow flag above city hall, like councillor Nathan Pachal is suggesting, to promote all this supposed acceptance and inclusion, we already have one that says it all.

Perhaps you have seen it, the red and white one with a maple leaf in the middle.

The whole concept is frivolous, offensive, and redundant. Not in my backyard.

Danny Halmo,