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LETTER: Stripped Langley lot example of sacrificing nature for almighty dollar

Individuals told to be greener, but companies not held to same standard, letter writer says
A local letter writer says land cleared in Walnut Grove is an example of how businesses don’t see their impact on the environment. (Apple Maps)

Dear Editor,

As we go through life, the average citizen is constantly told how to live greener.

Let our lawns go brown, recycle, walk instead of drive etc.

Sometimes it almost feels like the onus is upon us alone.

It seems like there is one set of rules/guidelines for us and another for big business/land developers.

Recently I was very saddened to see the southeast corner of Telegraph Trail and 216th Street completely denuded of trees and greenery.

What once was a lush green chunk of forest is now a flat lot with burn piles of debris.

I know it may only seem like one small section of land, but as I travel around the Township, I see this happening only too much. Every lot that gets cleared means less trees to clean our air.

Less green space for fauna to reside.

More warming of the planet.

I ask when will this end? There has to be a point where we stop stripping the planet just for the sake of the almighty dollar.

Stuart Smith, Walnut Grove


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