Letter: The abandoned promise of electoral reform

Editor: Was anyone surprised that the promise of electoral reform is not forthcoming?

The reason our PM gives — the danger of an extremist party emerging.

The only extremist party would be the New Democratic Party. They would impose more socially responsible legislation, which they have done since the 1920s.

In the Friday, Jan. 20 issue of the Times, a reader stated that his only solution to get away from the social ills here, is to return to the country he emigrated from.

Yes, this is happening.

Thousands of young families are returning to the small Nordic European countries their forefathers left, three generations ago, to find a better life in North America.

That is not the case anymore. The better life is over there.

These small European countries decades ago adopted a proportional electoral system, whereby every vote is respected.

Why is it so impossible to adopt it here?

M. Simard,