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Letter: Theme of letter about reason for hay shortage was missed in response

Editor: Mr. Seguin has misunderstood the theme of my letter (the Times, Feb. 10) with regard to the high cost of local hay.

By using scarce, good fertile farmland for building very large single family dwellings, there is little space left for hay crops that need large machinery to do the harvest.

Perhaps the municipal council will realize this before it is too late.

Anyone who has boarded horses has struggled with owners who insist they love their animals but cannot afford to pay for the feed and bedding.

The horse must be continually cared for.

Farmers always plan and organize for adequate feed, but a sudden lengthy snow fall can dig too deeply into winter supplies, and then the search is on.

With the help of LEPS more than 100 trees and shrubs have been planted on my property, hoping the grandchildren will be able to breathe better in the future.

Frances Steinfeld,


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