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LETTER: Township mayor and council accepting developer donations not innocent

A letter writer sees developer donations to municipal council members as a conflict
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Dear Editor,

Sent to Township council.

How is it that your law firm says that if a council member received a donation from a developer while their development is being considered, it could constitute a conflict of interest, however when you get the same law firm do you have an opinion on it after the fact, they disagree?

It looks to me like you guys are being tricky with your wording. Nobody said anything about a “pecuniary” interest. There are lots of other types of conflict of interest. The legal opinion you’ve got is about one specific kind. I don’t think the story is over for a second.

Your legal opinion, or any of your statements have not actually clarified why the original legal opinion stated you should not take donations WHILE you’re considering their application, but three of you did! Why would you disregard the original legal opinion when you all used taxpayer dollars to pay for it?! Nobody has addressed that! Absolutely brutal.

You’re lucky that none of the local papers actually looked at when the money changed hands, and when the votes were, in relation the what the original legal opinion said. That is the real issue here, not the donations itself. Where is investigative reporting when you need it?

Tyler McInneson, Langley


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