Letter: Township planners behind the timeline on traffic forecasts

Editor: An in-depth reading of the article Wider 208 mixes public-private funding, (The Times, Sept. 23) shows again, just how far behind on the timeline Township planners are in forecasting the future traffic patterns in the Fraser Valley.

The Corridor Study of 2013 is woefully behind the times — 16 Avenue is being touted as a quick route for  truck traffic to Highway 1. Not going to happen.

Logic dictates any truck crossing at Aldergrove has a straight shot to the border down 264 Street —  quick and easy.

This simplification appears to have evaded any planning by the Township, let alone TransLink.

The Township’s long-range plan for four lanes in 15-plus years in ludicrous. The planners of this boondoggle will be long gone — retired or dead — leaving the current residents of the Township in debt, perhaps a debt some cannot carry. Today’s money is cheaper than that of 2031 and beyond.

A quick look at the cost of small projects in the Township will give an indication of cost increases. Our Township often uses the phrase “staff reviewed and approved.” Do these staff live and pay taxes in the Township? Hard to tell. Do they have our best interests at heart, or do they “approve” at the behest of management?

Terry Brenan,