Letter: Use 192 Street freeway access as model for 216 interchange

Editor: Langley Township council must realize that it is not right to bait-and-switch residents of 216 Street by building and planning a quiet residential community and then switching it to a major thoroughfare.

I would suggest a compromise in that the 216 Street interchange is revised to be modeled after 192 Street.

Access to and from the freeway would only be to the south, with no direct access from the freeway to Walnut Grove.

This is the same concession Port Kells residents on the south side of the freeway have at 192 Street. North/south continuity across 216 Street could be maintained.

In exchange, the “temporary” curb side parking on 216 Street is made permanent, playground speed zones installed at both schools on 216 Street and properly designated crosswalks be installed at all green-way crossings.

This would be an acceptable compromise that achieves the main goals of the 216 Street interchange (providing relief for 200 Street for south side traffic) and relief for cross-Langley traffic on 208 Street.

There is sufficient freeway access to Walnut Grove via 200 Street and Glover Road.

While 216 Street would experience some growth in traffic, it would be manageable and the integrity of the community maintained.

John Wollenzin,