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LETTER: Vaccination passports heavy-handed, Langley woman argues

Letter writer says there are health, religious and privacy concerns with the passports
A local letter writer is angry about the provicial announcement that people must be fully vaccinated to go certain places. (Black Press Media files)

Dear Editor,

I am outraged at the recent news that B.C. will be requiring vaccine passports to enjoy the simplicities of life in a community.

This is a gross overstep of governmental power and a complete invasion of medical privacy. No one should have to divulge their medical history or decisions to random strangers.

Have they forgotten that the COVID vaccine is still experimental? Many people have good reasons to withhold receiving it for such this reason.

Requiring proof of vaccination to attend community events is highly divisive, and will continue to generate unnecessary fear and hostility between those who chose vaccination and its risks against those who choose the risks of remaining unvaccinated.

You are creating unnecessary tension. When the pandemic began your slogan was “We are all in this together.” Now you are saying we only accept you if you follow our arbitrary, ever-changing rules.

Furthermore, we are seeing that whether vaccinated or not there is still a risk of contracting COVID.

So why the heavy handed, coercive approach to requiring vaccination to unwilling parties?

And not taking into consideration medical and religious reasons?

If the vaccine works, people should not be afraid to go out if they have chosen to be vaccinated. If it does not work, why push everyone to get it?

If people chose to remain unvaccinated that should be a decision that remains between them and their health care provider, not them and just any random stranger at a restaurant.

Kathy Noort, Brookswood


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