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Letter: Writer of roundabout letter issues retraction, apology

Editor: I’m not sure if it’s kosher to publish a retraction to a letter to the editor, but, if permitted, I would like to do just that  — as well as eat a bit of crow along with my large helping of humble pie.

Right after my letter regarding roundabouts came out, I got a call from a colleague from my former place of work to tell me that I’d got it all wrong.

His comments were followed by some surprisingly respectful letters to the editor, also pointing out the errors of my way.

At the time, it made sense to me that one should wait one’s turn at a round about.  But, according to my colleague, that just makes it into a four-way stop and defeats the purpose of a roundabout.

He and the others have pointed out that cars that are going through the circle do indeed follow the car in front and shouldn’t worry about anybody else waiting to enter the circle.  That way the traffic flows quicker than I would have had it with my four-way stop model.

Obviously, I’ve never done it that flow-through way, and will have to stop shaking my fist at anybody who does.

And I apologize to those who I went out of my way to confuse with my letter.  I made a mistake.  I think I remember that happening once before.

Evan Brett,


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