Letter: Writer seems intent on blaming Assad’s victims

Editor: A photographer employed by the Syrian police has smuggled 55,000 photos of victims tortured, murdered, and starved by President Assad’s regime. Some of these are on display at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The UN figures show 250,000 people killed by Assad’s brutal military and 3.8 million more forced to flee.

In 2012, Assad refused a peace initiative brokered by the UN.

He chose to continue his bombing, gassing, and shelling of men, women and children.

Bob Fearn seems intent on blaming the victims (The Times Nov. 11), who only sought to replace Assad’s brutal dictatorship, where one wrong comment could result in torture and possible death.

This is the cause of the flood of Syrian refugees risking everything including their lives for a new chance.

Let’s not forget that it was only through willful ignorance that the Holocaust occurred.

Tony Smith,