Letters: Voters should be able to cast ballot for PM

Editor: “FPTP” — first past the post — has never made sense to a lot of people.

I’m one of them.

Why is it necessary for us to have to vote for someone in our local riding to get the person we want in Ottawa?

Many of us are in a position where we are forced to vote for someone in our home towns that may not be the best choice for the community, just to try and get our choices for prime minister into office. It’s  complete nonsense.

Municipal and provincial needs are often quite different from federal needs.

In a federal election I would like to vote for the leader of the country, not his or her  supporters, who I may or may not agree with or support.

This upcoming election is a big one, with many big issues to ponder.

Too many people believe that their vote doesn’t count, so they don’t vote.

I empathize, it seems futile.

The system is flawed, the system is failing. Economics and big business will always carry on in our resource-rich nation.

Canada will always be looked to as the voice of reason in today’s Western world, but right now it’s a low whisper that no one can hear, current policies here and abroad have changed our once-favourable position in the world’s eyes.

Let’s think about changing the system, let’s fix democracy, let’s get back to making a better world for everyone instead of keeping up with Joneses.

Treading water in a toilet is not a success story, we can do better and should.

Jeff Feldman,