Letters: Writer makes plea for return of lost wallet

Editor: I’m writing to the person who picked up my wallet after I dropped it while at the C&U Vietnamese Restaurant on Willowbrook Drive, on April 15 at around 6:30 p.m.

I had my wallet with me while waiting for my order. It fell out of my pocket between leaving the restaurant and heading 25 feet to my car in the parking lot.

By the time I tracked my steps back, the wallet was gone.

What breaks my heart is that someone witnessed a young woman with a laundry basket stop to pick something up in the area where I dropped my wallet, then quickly get into her car and drive off.

The RCMP are helping me as much as they can, but I doubt they will find the wallet.

It is brown, with the following features:

It is 108-mm x 207-mm with a removable wallet (slips into your pocket) and zip closure.

It contains many keepsakes, including tokens of hope that loved ones gave me when I was going through cancer. These include silver medallions with words like “Hope” and “Courage” on them.

I can replace the credit cards and ID.  But I can’t replace the medallions.

So, if you are the one who picked up my wallet, please do the right thing and drop it off in a mailbox or somewhere where it will make its way back to me.

Carolyn Rosenczweig,