Mayors and councillors in Georgia not so well-paid

Marietta, a city of 57,000, pays the mayor $18,000 and councillors $13,000.

Editor: I have been reading the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper, which published the salaries of its mayor and council members.

Please read these numbers and consider if our elected officials are overpaid.

The Atlanta mayor makes $147,000, while council members make $39,473. The population of the city is 427,432, with the last pay raise in 2006.

Consider Marietta, Georgia’s city council. The population is 57,357. The mayor is part-time and makes $18,000. Part-time council members make $13,000   The last pay raise was in 2005.

Langley City’s population is about 30,000, while Langley Township is just over 100,000. I will leave the question of overpayment up to the reader.

Don Woode,

Langley City