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McGregor Says: Many opportunities to serve your community

With the election over, unsuccesful candidates can volunteer their time, writes our columnist

The votes have all been cast, the elections signs are being picked up and the candidates are either partying or trying to figure out what went wrong. Congratulations to everyone who put their name on the ballot and for those who weren’t successful, I have some advice.

I watched and listened with interest to all the candidates. A common thread among them was the desire to “serve my community, give something back, to make a difference.” I know they were prepared to commit many hours serving and there is still an opportunity to volunteer and put all that desire to serve to good use.

Over the years I have lived here, I can trace much of my success to people I have met while volunteering.

The connections I have made and the list of people who call on me or that I can call on grows every year.

It is the difference between sitting at home wondering what went wrong or starting now to plan for the next election cycle.

How can you make your name, your values and your face more well- known to the voters next time?

Where are your interests?

You can check out the Langley Volunteers website and register your name and you will be notified when people are looking for volunteers and what events are coming up.

If you are interested in helping with physically challenged or intellectually challenged individuals, the Pos-Abilities Society and Langley Special Olympics can use your desire and those inspirational people will get into your heart very quickly.

Little league, youth soccer or Langley minor hockey all need coaches, mentors and instructors. Get to know the kids and their parents.

The Douglas Park School Society helps raise funds for Douglas Park Community School and provides breakfast programs and equipment and counselling services for this inner city school. The Ron Dunkley Memorial Society provides funding for local high school scholarships, the Burn Fund and PTSD counselling.

The Langley Senior Resources Society is always in need of energetic volunteers and that demographic is still the largest turnout on election day.

Big Brothers Big Sisters needs more partners for clients and every service club from Rotary to Elks, Lions and Soroptimists are looking for people to keep their organizations active and able to provide support and funding to the community.

Langley Hospice Society can use those with compassion and a positive outlook, and then there is the local hospital and many seniors’ care facilities that are always short of helping hands.

The two new councils will be setting up many committees in coming months.

Get your name in there and find a spot to make that difference you were talking about.

Let people see you with dirt on your hands and stains on your shirt instead of just hearing about what a hard worker you are.

Next election day, it will make a difference between ‘Who is that?’ or “Hey, I recognize that face.”

Never give up.

At least that’s what McGregor Says.

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