Naysayers seek votes by ignoring Langley Township bylaws

The only reason Councillors Kim Richter and David Davis vote “no” all the time is because they know the majority of others won’t.

Editor: Re:  The letter (The Times, Oct. 14), from Councillor Kim Richter, headlined “More than 4,400 housing units get approval in Willoughby.”

It’s disingenuous for councillors who vote “no” on almost everything, such as Richter and David Davis, to claim any kind of high ground.

Seeking her sixth term, Richter trashes Willoughby and tries to distance herself from the rest of council to make political points.

Richter’s election platform mantra claims her priorities have always been “sustainable growth.” That means higher density.

The planning department is serving up the very “sustainable development” and “smart growth” that the Township Charter, (“Focus on compact urban form”), OCP and other bylaws require.

She actually appears to be identifying, complaining of and criticizing her own inaction and failings. What has she done about it after five terms?

Richter knows how the process works, and the only reason she and Davis can abdicate and vote “no” all the time is because they know the majority of others won’t.

Once a developer’s application substantially complies with the bylaws, the municipality has an obligation to issue the permits in a reasonable time period.

Developers have lawyers and if they start getting jacked around, they will and do sue.

Imagine having a council majority of Richters and Davises. These contrarians vote against almost everything, but have no problem voting to trample our property rights by confiscating our private acreage trees, turning them into government trees.


Roland Seguin,