Off-leash dog park would suit majority

Editor: In response to Margo Donovan’s letter, Unleashed dogs ruin park experience (The Times, July 1), perhaps Passive Park should just be turned into an off-leash dog park.

I say, majority rules. It has become somewhat of an unspoken off-leash area, with a lake and fun trails for our four-legged friends to explore.

For people with dogs, the park is so much more fun than walking around in a dusty circle with little to no shade, as we are forced to do at the appointed off-leash area at 44 Avenue and 206 Street.

Maybe a sign saying “We welcome all family members” should be installed, so that parents can be prepared for the “horrifically frightening” sight of a happy dog being near their child.

There are countless specifically made children’s parks in Langley.

What’s wrong with sharing this area that is perfect for everyone?

Shana Williamson,